Learn More About our Meal Service for Seniors

Contact us for specific pricing info in your local area. Our service is less expensive than eating out and the cost is comparable to many meal delivery services for seniors, but depends on your specific needs.

Healthy customized meal prepped for the week in reusable containers.

Let Chefs For Seniors’ ServSafe licensed chefs prepare healthy, delicious meals for seniors in your life. As we get older, it often becomes hard for us to cook for ourselves like we used to. Seniors usually only have one or two people to cook for and so large meals are no longer needed. That’s where our services are the perfect fit.

We provide 100% customized meal services for seniors allowing them to eat healthy and maintain a certain diet if needed. We have prepared senior meals that cover conditions like diabetes, heart disease, vegetarian, Paleo, and more. Chances are, if you need it, we can prepare it.

Below are examples of diets we can typically accommodate. Dietary concerns can be discussed during your FREE, no-obligation consultation with your local Chefs For Seniors chef.

Renal / Kidney, Keto / Paleo, Low Sodium, Diabetic, Gluten Free, Soft Foods, Vegetarian and Kosher diets