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How We Help

Our mission is to provide great food and proper nutrition

  • FRESH and healthy FOOD, prepared IN YOUR OWN HOME

  • friendly Personal "chefs who care"

  • Chefs are licensed and fully insured 


How It Works

Book Your chef

Schedule weekly or bi-weekly visits with your chef.  There are no long-term commitments.

We cook for you

Our professional chefs bring fresh ingredients and cook delicious, homemade meals in your kitchen. 

Enjoy your meals

You're set for the week! We leave you with customized, nutritious meals that can be eaten at your convenience. 

Same Chef, Different Menus

below are the MENU ITEMS FOR this week. Click here to see more!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Nutritious meals. Fresh and delicious tasting food. Convenience. Customized menus. Companionship. Peace of mind. 

There are many reasons why customers choose Chefs For Seniors. Watch this video to hear how our service is helping make the lives of those we serve better.  


Get Started with Chefs for Seniors

improving seniors' lives through food

  • Healthy, Fresh food

  • Fully vetted and insured CHEF


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