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"I really like the food, and I can't tell you how it takes my stress level down. I can't do much cooking for myself."
      – Jeanne S. (Madison)

“I was concerned about my mom losing weight and not eating properly. I heard about this service from the care coordinator at the hospital, and since signing up mom is eating healthy and has more energy!”
     - James L. (Seattle) 

"My chef offers suggestions for nutritious meals that she thinks I would enjoy. I look forward to having my chef come each week and have a lot of fun chatting with her about lots of different things. I'm so glad I found this service!”
     – Ida S. (Boca Raton)

"I live alone and never cooked for myself.  But with Chefs for Seniors, the food is great and I love catching up with my chef each week."
     – George P. (Evanston)

"My parents are 90 and making a healthy meal every night has gotten to be too much for my mother but they are still in their home and wish to eat healthy. The staff are great and everything is very professional."
     – Sandy A. (Madison)