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According to some estimates, there are hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million seniors living in their own homes who are malnourished. In long-term care facilities, up to 50 percent may suffer from malnutrition. This leads to increased risk for illness, frailty and falls.
“It is shocking how many older adults don’t have proper nutrition. As a chef, I have the ability to help solve that problem. We provide social nourishment in addition to healthy meals.”
— Barrett Allman
Aimed at helping older people live longer on their own, the business started as a winning entry put together by Nathan Allman, now 21, in last year’s Burrill Business Plan Competition at UW-Madison.
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We saw a big need out there for healthy dinners, so it seemed intuitive to us. If your sink is broken, call a plumber. If you need help with meals, call a chef.
— Nathan Allman

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