About Chefs For Seniors

Chefs For Seniors is a new kind of senior meal delivery service now serving South Florida in Palm Beach County. Our professional chefs cook delicious and healthy meals right in your home. 

Every week, a friendly and professional chef comes to your home to cook gourmet meals using the freshest ingredients. 

There are many affordable menus to choose from, and we believe that nutritious food and a visit from a friendly chef is good for both the body and the soul. 

If you are ready to stop worrying about preparing meals, we are ready to help - with fresh, affordable, delicious tasting meals served to you right in your own home. Contact us to get started today!


Now Open in Palm Beach County!

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Beautiful beaches, warm weather and all of that sunshine ... it's no wonder so many seniors choose to make Palm Beach and Broward County a second home or their permanent relocation. Whether you are a local Floridian, a seasonal snowbird, or a retiree in Florida, Chefs for Seniors can help serve you with delicious and healthy meals delivered and cooked right in your own home by a personal chef!

Who We Serve

Chefs For Seniors serves a wide range of customers, meeting many different kinds of needs. Some of our customers include people who: 

  • Want to eat fresh, delicious and healthy meals
  • Need help cooking because it has become burdensome and potentially dangerous
  • Desire more time to enjoy retirement and less time working in the kitchen
  • Need meals to meet particular diet needs - gluten free, low sodium, diabetic and more
  • Enjoy the company and companionship of a consistent friendly chef visit
  • Need an affordable alternative to eating out at restaurants or other meal delivery options

Meet Some of the Chefs

All of our professional chefs are fully vetted, licensed, with culinary degrees.  Not only are they excellent at creating delicious and healthy meals, but they also love to visit with our customers every week. 

With Chefs for Seniors, your chef gets to know your personal tastes and preferences. Also, if you have health concerns, let us know. We can customize your menu for you. Common menus we work with on a regular bases include low-sodium, diabetic and gluten free diets. 

South Florida-Inspired Dishes

We always draw inspiration from local ingredients and cultures for our menu options!

Mission Driven: Giving Families Peace Of Mind

We are a family owned and operated business, and our mission is to help seniors thrive in their own homes. 

If you are familiar with Meals on Wheels, you know that they have a wonderful mission - Together, We Can Deliver. We're big fans of Meals on Wheels, and we love that they are helping the elderly all across America. 

We believe in both good food and good company. 

That's why we love hearing our customer testimonials telling us they love the delicious and healthy meals, and they love visiting with their friendly chef every week. 

If you live in Palm Beach County, or have a loved one who needs a meal delivery service in the Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale area, contact us today!