Chefs For Seniors Franchise Opens in Atlanta!

We are pleased to introduce Leslie Chapman as one of our newest franchisees. Leslie is a Senior Care Consultant who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Leslie is married to Executive Chef, Oscar Chapman. The couple and their team of professional chefs look forward to serving Seniors in Buckhead, Midtown, North Dekalb and the greater Atlanta area.

 Leslie & Oscar Chapman with Chefs For Seniors founder Barrett Allman. 

Leslie & Oscar Chapman with Chefs For Seniors founder Barrett Allman. 

Leslie says joining the Chefs For Senior family has been an exciting journey for Oscar and herself. Their alliance of experiences and professionalism was a “perfect marriage” for the franchise.  

Having worked in our perspective fields for many years. We understand the importance of ensuring the nutritional needs of Seniors are met. As equally important, we acknowledge that each Senior is unique. Having the opportunity to prepare freshly cooked meals that connect with a Senior’s soul, dietary needs and choices creates a meaningful experience.”

Engaging with seniors has been Leslie’s purpose for twenty-five years. Prior to joining the Chefs For Seniors franchise, Leslie served as a leader in senior housing and authored Senior recreational programs. Most recently, she has provided memory care consulting services.  Chapman is committed to providing seniors and their families a peace of mind, demonstrating the extra steps, the Chefs For Seniors franchise has been taken to ensure Seniors happiness.