Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms with Dementia

When mom is dealing with dementia, it’s difficult for everyone.  This mother’s day, what can you get for your mom who's struggling with memory issues?

Fortunately, there are lots of meaningful gift ideas your mom is sure to enjoy.  Some of these gifts even allow you to connect with your loved one affected by dementia more easily.



GrandPad is basically an iPad catered to the aging population.  It leaves out most of the complicated features you’ll find on other tablets and focuses on features that promote connections with loved ones like photo sharing and interactive games.  The pricing structure is different than other tablets as well.  You pay a monthly fee (starting at $49/month) that includes the tablet itself and software. 


Dementia friendly puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to keep the mind sharp, but overly complicated puzzles with lots of small pieces may be confusing for your loved one with dementia.  Fortunately, there are lots of dementia friendly puzzles available.



A simple, elegant, timeless way to show your love for mom.  A bouquet of fresh flowers for mother’s day is sure to brighten her day.  Try pairing a bouquet with her favorite treat and/or a handwritten note telling mom how much you appreciate her.



This idea admittedly sounds a bit strange, but studies have shown that robo-pets can do wonders for people affected by dementia.  Plus, your mom won’t have to worry about feeding or cleaning up after it.  Joy For All sells a variety of robo-pets online.   


Comfy bathrobe

As your mom gets older, physical comfort is especially important.  A comfy bathrobe is something that’s easy to slip on, and will provide warmth and comfort every day. 


Healthy meals

While meal kit services like Blue Apron probably aren’t the best fit because mom would still have to do the cooking, meal delivery and/or personal chef services could be a fantastic mother’s day gift.  Personal chefs provide the added bonus of a unique in-home experience that your mom will never forget – the smell of great food, friendly conversation, and life brought back into her kitchen. 


Framed photos

Copy photos of family members and friends at photo centers, insert the names of the people in the photo and put in frames or in a photo album created specifically for that person.