Here is how you can make your “golden years” even better  

Everyone has ups and downs in life, but there is no reason your “golden years” should be anything less than brilliant.  Here are some great tips for improving your well-being and making the most of every day. 

Care for your body

Stay active

Keeping physically active helps boost your overall well-being.  According to the experts at Everyday Health, exercise boosts both your mental and physical health.  Some studies show that as little as ten minutes per day can make you feel better.  If you are physically limited, you can add chair exercises to your routine.  Exercise helps fight heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  It also lifts feelings of depression and improves strength. 

Get enough sleep

The experts at Aging Care suggest examining your sleep patterns for ways to feel better.  Many people believe that not getting a good night’s sleep is a normal part of aging, but it is not.  Some medical conditions and some lifestyle choices contribute to poor sleep, but your mattress also plays a big role.  In general, if it’s been more than five years since you last replaced yours, it may be time to find a new one.  Especially for seniors, finding a mattress with ample spinal support is important, as it will help relieve pressure on your joints, and ensure you sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.  The same logic applies to pillows; if yours are worse for wear, invest in new ones that will keep your spine in alignment as you sleep.  If you make these upgrades but still having trouble sleeping, talk with your physician.


Eat right

Some studies report that getting proper nutrition is important for brain health, especially as you age.  A balanced diet with sufficient vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants can protect your brain from deterioration, fight dementia, and improve memory.


Stay connected

Engage socially

Consider taking part in activities through your local senior center.  Some facilities provide transportation if you need it.  If that option isn’t available to you, some experts suggest contacting an area religious organization, paying a friend or family member, or looking into public transportation. 


Enjoy family

Visit with your family members when you can, especially grandchildren.  If you find you tire easily, keep visits short.  Make sure your family members understand you are there to savor time with them and not to babysit. 


Spend time with friends

Time with friends helps you stay stimulated and connected.  Schedule outings together, like getting manicures, running errands, or enjoying a cup of coffee. 


Connect through technology

There are numerous options for communicating with friends and family these days.  You can email your loved ones, video chat through Skype or Facetime, or use traditional methods, like cards and letters, to connect.  There are even online services that create printed memory albums from your digital photos.



Giving something of yourself keeps you active and makes you feel good.  There are lots of options available.  Spend time at a local hospital or assist with a silent auction.  Many charities need help via the internet or with phone calls if you prefer to contribute from home.  Investigate the needs of whatever group you are passionate about.


Connect spiritually

Engage with your religious organization.  Being a part of your worship community offers opportunities for volunteering, socializing, and spiritual development.


Try new things

Enjoy games

Word games, jigsaw puzzles, and card games can keep your mind healthier and keep you more socially engaged.  You can enjoy crosswords from the discount store or play online games through social media. 


Take a class

Stimulate your mind by taking a class at a local school or college.  Some institutions offer free or low-cost classes.  You could learn a new language, study poetry, or pursue any number of topics.  Many schools offer online classes if you aren’t able to attend in person.


The best of your “golden years” 

Look at your whole lifestyle for ways to feel better.  Take care of your body, connect socially, and try new things.  Following these tips can help you make your “golden years” brilliant.

- Article by June Duncan