Long-Term Care Insurance Can Pay for Meals!

Recently, some of our clients have informed us that their long-term care insurance policies will partially or fully subsidize Chefs For Seniors’ service.  In fact, one of our long-time clients in Madison has both the service charge and groceries fully covered every week!  We wanted to get the word out to other individuals who could benefit from nutritious, chef-prepared meals and are paying for these policies. 

Long-term care policies will reimburse policyholders a daily amount, up to a pre-selected limit, for services that assist with activities of daily living.  This can include bathing, dressing, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) meals.  There are currently ~8 million Americans with some form of long-term care insurance coverage.

If you have a policy, be sure to check with your provider to see if you can receive reimbursements for meals.  Our existing clients who have taken advantage of this just had to send in some paperwork for us to fill out, which of course we are always happy to do!