Why your doctor should stop recommending Ensure

At Chefs For Seniors, we’ve seen the omnipresence of Ensure in seniors’ homes firsthand, the headline “I Wouldn’t Feed This Stuff to a Dying Animal” caught our eye.

On the Ensure website, they boast that their products provide “complete, balanced nutrition” and each shake is packed with protein, vitamins & minerals, and much needed calories. What they fail to mention is that most of the Ensure products are primarily water and sugar spiked with a cocktail of artificial toxins. It really is the quintessential “fake food.”

According to Mike Adams, editor of Natural News, the ingredients in Ensure are not significantly different than soft-drinks, albeit it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals. These fortified vitamins and minerals derived from synthesized sources are not absorbed into the body in the same way, because they have been isolated from the entire vitamin complex.

Unfortunately, many seniors drink Ensure multiple times during the day despite the alarming health consequences. This is especially true for diabetics who need to watch their intake of simple carbohydrates, mainly sugar. In the average bottle of Original Ensure there is 18g of sugar, which is almost 75% of the recommended daily intake for women (50% of men’s recommended intake).

Eating balanced meals made from whole foods is proven to improve health. If cost and/or ability to cook is the issue, a bowl of microwave-ready quinoa or brown rice with some steamer frozen veggies (for example) would be a much better for you than drinking an Ensure shake. Keep following our blog posts for pro tips on how to cook simple, healthful meals for one, or check out our menus.

~Nathan Allman