Food for thought: an affordable personal chef service!

Georgie Stebnitz

Georgie Stebnitz

When I broke my ankle, at age 75, I tried to think positive thoughts. For one thing, I wouldn't have to make meals for months. Our friends generously showered us with cards, e-mails, phone calls, visits and food. But, we realized that we could eventually use a more permanent plan to feed our faces.

Our youngest son had already searched the internet and found "Chefs for Seniors." We liked the idea of a personal chef, but had dismissed it because we thought it would be too expensive. When I finally contacted "Chefs for Seniors," I found out that the service is unbelievably affordable and there is no contract to be signed. There is no obligation to continue the service after the first or hundredth chef visit. Once a week the chef brings the pots, pans, containers and fresh groceries and works in my kitchen to prepare our meals of choice. Then the food is put into containers to refrigerate or freeze for future consumption.

This service sounded too good to be true. Of course we signed up to try it---once. While we were waiting for the first chef's visit, shadows of doubt crept into my mind.  Would we like this person?  Would he or she like us? Could we tell the chef if we wanted a different spice or taste?  Would there be enough food for us?

All of our fears were unfounded. This business is home-grown and the service shows it.  Our chef has personality, social magnetism and skill.  He can carry on a conversation and create delicious food at the same time. Now we have a chef who is our caring friend and prepares delicious food according to our specific tastes. How lucky can we get? I love it!

I don't feel a bit guilty for having our chef and friend come to our house once a week--even after my ankle is healed. Now I have freed up my time to do other things that I enjoy, knowing that I don't have to worry about  making nutricious meals.

Georgie Stebnitz, Madison,WI